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New Twin Mum from Manchester


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Hi everyone

I'm Nicky from Manchester I have boy/girl twins who are 6 months now.

How are you all coping with current situation? I just feel like don't get me wrong I wouldn't change them for the world but it seems like the worst time to have twins!

Lockdown was so hard with newborns and now we basically have lockdown again around here I can't believe it just when I was getting used to my mum helping me out a bit more. 😭

Anyway hope you are all doing well would be good to say hello to some other twin mums! 

Nicky x

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Hi @NickyT and welcome to Twin Club! 🙂

Sorry to hear you're finding it hard at the moment and I can only imagine how frustrating the new rules must be again - no more household visits is that right?

Basically that translates to a lack of grandparents/friends helping out I guess?

It must have been really tough with newborns, ours were just under 1 when lockdown kicked in initially and we definitely found it really tough when we were used to having a reasonable amount of help - it just felt like never having a break. 😞

Just remember it will start to get a bit easier as they get older - I know lockdown doesn't exactly help matters but they will get easier on their own in other ways - at least a bit!!

Dad to three girls - aged 6 going on 16, and identical twins aged 2 😊

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