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Ooh great question 🙂

anything sensory is great - we love filling up lots of "containers" with water and just get stuck in with water play - pouring on everything and everything! 

do you have a garden? - other outside activities that are fun - bug hunting , painting fences/concrete with water (🤣

Getting a pot and freezing some toys in there (like a giant ice cube with ice inside) good for a hot day , watching ice melt and revealing toys! 

Making dens inside

Having a teddy bear picnic (also eating real food!) 

creating an obstacle course (in or out) 

Indoor treasure(food) hunt - that's a winner ! 

If I think of anymore I'll post !! 🤣


17 hours ago, Evetwins said:

My boys are 2 and have a 3 year old brother. Just looking for any tips on keeping them entertained or any ideas on what I can do with them to limit the boredom meltdowns. 
thank you xx


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