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Hi from Chichester


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5 minutes ago, Pammy said:

Thanks for you kind message. 

yes he’s going to get some help and support. I hope he doesn’t walk away from us because they are the most beautiful babies. It’s so hard as I have just got back to work..... xx

I'm so pleased to hear that he is going to talk to someone. It really is a total life change having 1 baby let alone 2, it can be so so difficult when you are so used to being child free too !! And for you guys every thing happened so quickly it is difficult to process !

I think once he gets that help and gets every thing off his chest he will see what he's got and won't want to loose it all , it's really good sign he is prepared to get some help. 

In the mean time have you spoken to your HV and GP to see what extra help you can get ? Homestart although can take a while to set up is a very very useful support as they also have access to other support systems for you (I currently have Homestart and they are fantastic!) 


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13 hours ago, Pammy said:


yes it’s a very good sign and not easy to do. 

I did have home start but they discharged me as said I was doing so well ( before he left) I will ask my HV what she suggests..... 



Hi @Pammy sorry to hear this. I can definitely relate with how he is feeling - I'm sure I ended up with a sort of male form of post natal depression in the first few weeks even, but it does get better!

Is it purely not coping with the twins that has caused this or anything more to it?

If he wants to speak to another man that has been through it I'm more than happy!

Dad to three girls - aged 6 going on 16, and identical twins aged 2 😊

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