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Off the back of @Malis topic about feeding newborn twins - I thought I'd do a mini review of our Twin Feeding Pillow!

As you will no doubt already know (or will find out soon if you're expecting) feeding newborn twins is pretty challenging - not just due to the fact that it's twins and therefore a handful anyway, but actually sometimes just figuring out the practicalities of it can be fun, particularly if you are bottle feeding on your own. It's not the same for parents of singletons where you hold baby in one arm and bottle in the other - it just doesn't work.

We decided it would be a good idea to get ourselves a Twin Feeding Pillow to help out, and honestly it turned out to be one of the best things we bought for our twins!


As you can see form the pictures it makes feeding both of them together a lot easier and actually possible with one parent! It saves the nightmare of trying to do one at a time while the other one cries - no fun for anyone! One slight criticism is that when they were really small, we actually had to kind of tie the bottom of the pillow together a bit, to stop the babies falling through, but this wasn't an issue as they got a bit bigger.

The other cool thing about this pillow is that it's a kind of multi function pillow. While we primarily used it to start with for bottle feeding, the pillow can also be used for breastfeeding, and then later as they got bigger and started weaning but were still unable to sit unaided, it became really handy yet again. We used it as a way to prop them up while we fed them, and it really worked well. Outside of feeding, we also found that our twins would nap quite well in it when they were young - bonus!


Now that the twins are 8 months old, we are finding that we're  not really using it so much now, or barely at all to be honest. They're that much bigger, they sit up etc... That being said, I'd definitely still by this pillow again - anything you can do to make those early days even that little bit better is always worth it in my opinion!


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Dad to three girls - aged 5 going on 15, and identical twins aged 10 months! 😊

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On 12/24/2019 at 8:31 PM, Kerry-Ann said:

Wish I'd have had one of these looks really good we managed without thought and probably not worth getting now at 6 months!

I think they should definitely recommend these to all new twin parents at the start - it's a shame they don't.

I would probably agree with you though - I wouldn't buy if your twins are already 6 months old as I don't think you'd get as much use out of it by that point.

Dad to three girls - aged 5 going on 15, and identical twins aged 10 months! 😊

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24 minutes ago, Larkisia said:

Hi all, interesting review thank you! How do you use it for breastfeeding? Thanks x

Hello there ❤️

The way you would use this for breast feeding is like this in the picture. So the middle prong sits behind your back as a support and the two babies rest on each side of the pillow! Hope that helps ! xx


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