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  1. Hiya, sorry for such a ridiculously late reply. Life has been crazy, more so with this lockdown. Things are starting to calm down a bit, the better weather is helping as we can play in the garden. Girls are definitely missing seeing other people but they adore their little sister and constantly want cuddles. TV has become our saviour (please don't judge us, sometimes you just do what you gotta do to stay sane). They still have screaming fits but these are getting easier to maintain. Our baby is 5 weeks old. x
  2. This is not strictly twin related but is still applicable. So, I have 2 year old twin girls and on Sat we had another little girl via caesarian section. We feel very blessed and our hearts couldn't be fuller but my goodness it's hard. So individually twins and new baby are amazing but together it's just a lot of work. I am still quite uncomfortable from the section so hubby is doing most things. How did you guys manage? Is there anyone on here who's been in a similar situation? x
  3. I couldn't do baby led weening with the girls, they just didn't get it. It was a job to get anything down them to be honest, so well done. x
  4. You should be proud, this is an achievement. How old are they? x
  5. Faith and Hope are peanut and Pringle so pretzel just continues the theme. What can I say, we like food 🤣. x
  6. I know this is an old topic but I'm in a sharing mood. It's not actually twin related either but I thought you lovely lot would appreciate it. The thing I'm proud of today is that I am now 33+1 weeks pregnant with a singleton. I have been so paranoid that pretzel will come early because the twins did. She is cooking nicely and growing perfectly. x
  7. I went to Springdale and Allenbourne, my brother and sister went to Lockeers (not sure how it's spelt 🤣). x
  8. Yes, I was born in Poole and lived in Wimborne till I was 10. x
  9. Where is Runton road? I love Dorset, I miss it so much. x
  10. What a lovely idea, I usually do a shoebox for operation Christmas child but didn't have the energy this year so just donated what I had left over. I will probably try and do it when the girls are a bit older aswell. x
  11. That's a nice idea. On Christmas Eve we will be making ginger bread men and watching a movie (when I say movie it will probably be the snow man). x
  12. Have you started any Christmas traditions yet? I'd love to hear about special things you like to do with your twins this time of year. It will be our last Christmas as a family of four so I'm trying to do lots of things with my girls making memories. x
  13. What a lovely thing to do for someone, you are clearly a very good friend. x
  14. It's more common than you think. My twins were IVF and I think all the drugs in my system hung around so boosted everything. x
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