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  1. Oh yeah @Nicole Moley thanks for letting me know! I'll give it a try when I'm not heading out then just in case 😂 I found the Batiste conditioner ones a bit like that so we will see!
  2. I think my whole head is made up of Batiste 😂 I've just bought the superdrug own ones to try out as Batiste is pretty expensive and I go through a lot (!) but I'm just getting through my bulk load and then see if the superdrug ones are any good 🤞đŸģ xx
  3. Hi @Kerry-Ann, it should be - if you go on their website it should tell you if there is one near you. You should be eligible, but obviously have a chat with them, I believe it's up until the age of 5 (it is in our area so I'm assuming it's the same everywhere). Let me know if you don't have any luck and I'll see if I can help out x
  4. Happy new year @James đŸĨŗ I'm back on here now after a busy Xmas and new year!! Sorry I haven't posted in a while 🙈 Looking forward to watching twin club grow ❤ī¸ and well done to you and @Issy for creating this!
  5. Welcome @Kerry-Ann 👍đŸģ You're definitely a super-mum, the first 6 months are pretty hard! Not gonna lie, it is still hard but you start getting a little bit of reward back from them and makes it all worthwhile 😊 What are your little ones called? Also, definitely join a twin club if there is one in your area - it's been my absolute saving grace and the girls I've met there I would now class as true friends x
  6. @CityMum they are still fairly clingy and still finding it incredibly hard but Edie seems to be starting to venture a bit more again! I think because they were so "independent"/ as independent as they could be for little ones 😂 that it's been a massive shock to me!! I'm hoping in the next week or so they will be a bit better but with Xmas round the corner at least I'll have family members helping out too 😊 xx
  7. I agree with @Issy on this one about controlled crying - it's not for everyone though so completely understand if you don't want to do it! I've just had to start it up again with my two as they used to be good at napping! They are very clingy at the moment as they are going through a leap and they are sometimes horrible trying to get to sleep for a nap. I did find of one mine wanted me in the room for a bit to settle but would eventually get off to sleep. Is there anyone that could watch your two year old for an hour or so, so you could have a nap?
  8. Ohhh I wish I'd thought about this before I had the jabs with my girls! Mollie was second and she hated it ☚ī¸
  9. It's easier when they can stand - but I can only do it from their cot, I can't quite manage from anywhere else! x
  10. @Robyn welcome!! Your boys are gorgeous đŸĨ° My two are 13 months too - when were they born? Mine are Halloween babies 🎃🎃 xx
  11. No I haven't but I definitely need to go! xx
  12. Hahaha yep most certainly was! We had all our presents in a pillow case each that was at the bottom of our bed and we would go round in age order (always youngest first!) In the morning opening our presents so we could see what everyone had got! Father Christmas would always give us one or two presents either joint with me and my brother or separate ones and then the rest were from my parents. We always used to get a family game for the console we had at the time as well and also a present that the whole family could use - one year we got an ice hockey table and I absolutely loved it!! Absolutely loads of random things! There are a few that I want to bring in myself (e.g. cashforkids (a Wave105 thing) - giving presents to children who might not be getting any this year - I want the girls to choose a present each (probably from next year!) that they will give to cashforkids - I did this myself before I had them and I want to carry that on now with them. Although I'll be doing the choosing this year!)
  13. @Esther I love this thread! What a great idea 😊 Ihave so many traditions for Christmas (I absolutely love Christmas!) Like @James we get a new board game every year. There's too many to list on here 🙊🙈 It's our first proper Christmas where the girls will start to understand it slightly (they were 6 weeks old last year!) And I can't wait to start the traditions that I had as a little girl with my two đŸĨ°
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