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  1. Didn't see this, sorry. Sleep is a little better. She is still very much a koala baby, but will now be put down for a little while. I think I've just accepted that she wants me all the time and try to give Daniel lots of attention when they are both awake. It's still hard but I'm making it work most days. Thanks 😊
  2. Nothing 🙈😫 Picking Rose up is all that works. I know that at some point I have to just let her cry, but I just can't do it. After Daniels first few weeks of uncontrollable crying, I just can't let them cry at all. And if I have to let them cry, I usually end up in tears too.
  3. I've even tried wrapping her in my t-shirt, she gets so distressed and cried big tears if she's not being held. Currently screaming in the swing while I feed Daniel 😭
  4. That's exactly the problem, the lack of help 😑 I'm such a push over and can't let her scream for longer than a few minutes. Feeling major mum guilt today. She's been woken twice today by putting her down, just to tend to her brother, but then have to put him down to lift her 😭 I just feel like one or both are screaming all day long ☹
  5. She actually falls asleep better (quicker) on him, but same problem that she can't be put down...and he still has work to do at times and has also decided to start decorating too 🙄
  6. My daughter hates sleep. I love sleep. How do I fix this??? 😅😅😅 She only naps while feeding, and as I'm breastfeeding, she's on me all day long! She also refuses to be put down for longer than a minute without screaming. Her brother will happily sit in his bouncer, or lie in the cot...he even puts himself to sleep with no crying. Is it because he's bottle fed and she's not? Or is it just their different personalities? I'm really starting to struggle...and we haven't even got any sleep regressions yet. She was such an angel for the first few weeks while we were sorting Daniel's reflux. Twins are almost 12 weeks....I thought this was supposed to be when they sleep best 😫
  7. Hi guys, hit me up with your recommendations for video baby monitors that work well for twins. Nothing thats going to break the bank. We got a bit lax and still haven't bought any even tho the twins are here 🙈😅
  8. Thanks @James pregnancy is going good. Finished up with work, and finally getting the house ready for their arrival. I am finding it difficult dealing with the uncertainty of it all. Everyone asks when I'm due and I don't even know how to answer that now because the docs seem to change their mind every time we are in 🙃
  9. What weights were your twins when they were born? We had a scan last Thursday, 32+4, and T1 is estimated 3lb7 T2 is estimated 4lb10. Is it normal for there to be this much between them? Consultant didn't seem too worried and we've got another scan this Thursday just to check on T1, so we're not worrying.
  10. Didn't think of that, might try to get to a chemist tomorrow and ask what they advise 😊
  11. The stretch marks don't bother me, I've had them for years due to putting on loads of weight when I started uni, but earlier when I scratched they were left looking nearly like they were bleeding...definitely need to find something to soothe it x
  12. Anyone got any tips or recommendations on creams, oils, or balms for my ever expanding belly? The itching is getting unbearable 😫 I've been using bio oil since the start but it's not giving any relief whatsoever.
  13. I love crafting, quilting, crochet etc. I always have great ideas but just need to actually do them 😂
  14. 😂😂 haven't even thought of middle names properly yet, but they will definitely have them. Have to get the first names sorted first. Originally I have always said we would name our girl Elizabeth after my granny that I was very close to, so I think that will be baby girls middle name, only because hubby doesn't like it as a first name.
  15. Thanks 😊 It was a friend that first referred to them as being in the batcave, so batman and Robin just stuck. We think we have baby girls name sorted, but keep changing our mind for baby boy...
  16. Looks great! I day every year I'm going to make one, but never get around to it 😳
  17. No one yet, but probably because the first words out of my mouth after saying I'm pregnant is "it's twins!!" 😳🤣
  18. Feeling good thanks, absolutely exhausted but just happy 😊
  19. Oh no Issy, I already am not coping well with scans. I had to stop my 20 week scan twice because I thought I was going to pass out 🙈 I just take it each day at a time. X
  20. Me yesterday, 25 weeks. Can't believe the bump pics above 🤯 I wake up every day thinking I can't get any bigger, but obviously I've no say in that matter 😂
  21. I caved 🙈 I'm going to go off on maternity at 33 weeks, starting 20th January. A teacher told me this morning that a friend of hers was due twins in February, and had them at the weekend. Kinda spooked me a wee bit. Glad I've made a decision now.
  22. I like the idea of the cosatto all in all car seats, but haven't really looked into it too much, so I'm of no help to you review wise. I just like that they go from birth to 12. They're rear facing up to 13kg tho.
  23. Thanks Issy, having boy/girl twins. I'm hoping to work as long as I can, to get more time after, and my job is primarily sitting in class, and helping with notes, so duties are relatively light as it is. We are lucky in school to have a lift, so I don't have to do too many stairs. I know it's not really my concern, but I'm trying to give as good of an idea as I can as my replacement will have to be interviewed and vetted before I go off, and my student has had 4 assistants in as many years and doesn't deal with change too good.
  24. All being well these will be our first, we've had quite a few years of fertility challenges and 4 little angels looking over us. We are lucky to have family around us, so we'll have lots of support. I think I'm going to be anxious until they are here safe and well, and then the adjustment of having 2 tiny babies to be responsible for Xx
  25. I currently work as a SEN classroom assistant in a secondary school. I'm meeting with my manager on Monday to hand in my request for maternity leave, but I have no idea when is sensible to go off. I had a scan yesterday, and asked the doctor when she thinks we should expect the babies to make an appearance. She said if I don't go myself by 37 weeks they will take me in. Am I completely out of my mind crazy to plan to work until 35 weeks? When did you take maternity leave? And when did you have the babies? I just don't want to make the wrong decision 🙈 Thanks in advance 😊
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