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  1. Have any of you started planning anything for after lockdown yet??? I would LOVE a holiday literally cannot wait!! But just wondering if it's too early to book something yet??
  2. Hey Issy!! One of my two was quite slow to talk and a lot slower than the my other twin - nothing until just after turning 2!! I was a bit worried but thankfully turned out to be OK in the end and now a proper chatterbox!! Have you had the hearing test yet??
  3. Welcome @Lynsey 😀 It's hard at the moment isn't it!! Have you found it much different having girls rather than boys??
  4. Hi @Brogun x is your partner still going to Afghanistan? That's unfortunate timing!!! Hope you're doing ok?!
  5. Don't worry!!! How are you getting on with your routine now any improvement??
  6. Hi @Kate28 and welcome!!! Nice to hear from another new twin mum!! It's definitely going to be crazy having twins as your first kids but also amazing too!!!! Was it a big surprise when you found out?!
  7. Hi Stephanie!!! Welcome!!!! Amazing news to hear about some more twins!! Honestly it sounds like you're doing amazing especially considering what you've said about your mum!! Try not to worry too much about routines at this point and try not to put too much pressure on yourself, it will all fall into place eventually!! Maybe just pick one thing to try and work on first and then move onto the next??
  8. Aww that's so sooo good I'm really pleased. Kids are so strange sometimes🙈 haha And it's hard not to take it personally !! No problem 🙂 all in this crazy things together !! Xx
  9. Hope things are improving a little for you ❤️ xx
  10. I tried to keep it more spontaneous as I didn't want to feel like I'd failed the day if I didn't get to do the things I had "planned" in If that makes sense!!! Xx
  11. Having to be so organised when I am a very unorganised person 👎🤣 !!!!
  12. Love your names by the way !!!! So pretty !!!!
  13. Hi there !! Mine are coming up 2 and omg the tantrums we have already are quite extreme I think !!!! I.hate when ppl stare it's awful they have no idea what it can be like with 2, I stare back at them sometimes just to make them feel as uncomfortable as me 🤣🤣🤣!!!! I don't think there is any trick , just don't give into it !!xx
  14. Ooh this sounds good! Fancy now !!!! I'd loved to have had on my phone could have checked when I was out !!
  15. Oooh I can't even remember what ours was called - don't use it now! Either was the screen (separate screen) was bad quality and would always get stuck so I wouldn't recommend! We got in in Mothercare but obv that's not there any more!!!!! X
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