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  1. @Issy @CityMum I think you are both right about a routine, these tiny stages are so precious and I dont want that being clouded by pressure to have a routine! In time I would like a good bedtime routine, but in regards to feeding I have seen for myself when babies want fed they want fed I cant expect them to wait because they aren't "due", the feeds at the moment are baby led and I like it that way, it's working out 3.5 hours for the smaller baby and 4 -4.5 hours for the bigger baby. I have found that parents of singletons are vocal about the importance of a routine and I have felt the pressure. There has been times if I have had in laws here and I have one of the boys in my arms just enjoying a cuddle, they are quick to say put him down he's content, which I never have as they are my babies and if I want to cuddle them 24/7 surely that's up to me!
  2. @Issy your completely right I lie in bed on a night and think yes! I've done another day! Lol. That routine looks brilliant! I'm really trying to establish a routine with the boys at the minute they are fed every 3 and a half to 4 hours during the day which works well as it means I dont have to worry about one waiting and crying for their feed. On a night its every 4 hours but they wake to let you know when they are hungry, when they first came home I was having to wake them during the night for feeds but they've gained enough that I dont have to do that anymore thankfully! Xxx
  3. @Issy yes its unfortunate, the way I see it though is it's her loss, the babies are 3 weeks old today every second that passes they are getting older and thats time you cant get back. Ah thank you! It really doesn't feel like it some days, since they were born all the days seem to have rolled into one! I'm lucky my partner is 100% hands on, I certainly wouldnt manage without him. How old are your twins? What age were they when you established a routine? Xx
  4. @Issy Thank you for that its reassuring to know that the early weeks are tough for everyone not just me! My partner has been and is a tower of strength, even through the tough birth and the babies being separated from us he held it all together and was there for me. Hes really hands on has got stuck in with everything, I've just realised how much he actually does when he returned to work. @James yes these are our first, I look at them everyday and still cant believe they are mine! I'm excited for our future. He returned to work last Thursday and his mam helped me with the morning feed however this week I've been on my own so I've been staggering their feeds so I can manage on my own. I have my dad and sister who do what they can work permitting, my mam however has caused a lot of hurt and upset since I fell pregnant I thought it would calm down when I had them but it hasn't, if anything its gotten worse! Shes welcome anytime, but I will not accept her antics in front of the boys.
  5. Hi everyone, introducing myself to all you twin mammy's and daddy's! I have identical twin boys who are 18 days old, they are the best thing to ever happen to me and I thank my lucky stars everyday for blessing me with not 1 but 2! Beautiful boys. At the moment I am trying to get into a nice routine especially with daddy returning to work 😔 👎. I am excited for what the future holds but I dont want to miss a second of this tiny newborn stage! My hormones are currently all over the place I feel sorry for my partner! I feel I'm going crazy at times lol. I had a pretty traumatic birth so im still trying to come to terms with everything that happened, although I can see the boys and can see that they are thriving it still doesn't make it any easier!
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