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  1. @Abi.P I got super drug own one. I didn't like it its really heavy in your hair and feels very dry and gritty
  2. Yeah just plain fusili shells to start of then they started to love sauces ove it too (bit messy) xx
  3. My girls loved pasta when I first interduces finger food as it soft they could easily bite wee bits of
  4. I used ready brek very quickly into spoon feeding. As you said they baby porridge is expensive when the box only last’s a few days (if even). I started them on the plain ready brek and then started to add different fruits into it, strawberry, banana, blueberry, raspberry etc. Or even different jams for different tastes. My girls loved it and where so full after it.
  5. @Abi.P hi, yeah my girls are the same 13 months (12 corrected) and they are going through the same thing, everytine I leave a room or are out of their sight they come walking after me crying. Iv noticed they have got very very clingy and constantly wanting to be lifted by anyone. It it’s very hard mentally. I can’t really give advice as I haven’t yet figured out something that works other than distracting them with books and toys and when they don’t realise I sneak out of the room. Other than that I just let them cry a bit because as you said I got things to do in the house, so so
  6. How do you find that age group? What is the age range in your setting? Yeah i would say it’s so different have the one on one so personal. That’s brilliant your still in touch with them, but it’s like you where their primary career for their first years, build a very strong connection ❤️ Xx
  7. No I’m actually a qualified hairdresser, I left hairdressing at 17 after a car accident, and went into child care. Which area would you of rathered in a nursery or or a one on one nanny? What age group do you work with in the nursery? Xx
  8. @Clairey V oh hi, I see we’re in the same area.
  9. I co-own a crèche (which comes in super handy😂)
  10. Thank you Issy ❤️ We all just have such different experience don’t we. Maw I definitely wasn’t strong I was an emotional mess the first 3 days stuck in that hospital but once I got home with my babies everything was good and I just put all that to the back of my mind. I have my beautiful girls and that’s all that mattered at the end of it. Xx
  11. I had an elective c section planned but went into labour 2 weeks early. I was rushed from my hospital to a different hospital by ambulance because there was no room in the nicu in my hospital and taken for an emergency c section. My labour definitely wasn’t the way we planned and being moved to a completely different hospital than I had been dealing with the whole way through my pregnancy was very stressful, as I didn’t know any of the doctors or midwives and honestly they where awful. I was shouted at for crying while in labour by a midwife, the doctors and midwives where rude and spoke to me
  12. Eh mine are safety 1st swivel bath seats https://www.amazon.co.uk/Safety-1st-Swivel-Bath-Seat/dp/B00CMR3H04?th=1&psc=1 xx
  13. Hi issy, i use the bath seat for my girls. At first they where in the angel care laying back ones but once they learned to sit up I switched them to the bumbo like sit up seats. They absolutely love them I couldn’t do bath time without them. The girls have great fun in the bath and never want to get out. I would definitely recommend them xx
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