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  1. I also use batiste, it’s a live saver and you can get one especially for darker hair so it doesn’t turn your roots white. Honestly it works wonders when you just don’t have time to wash your hair!
  2. This was me a few days before the girls arrived, so about 28 weeks and 5 days x
  3. No I worked for myself and my clients came to my house 😊 x
  4. I worked as a nail technician before I had my girls x
  5. I slather on sudocrem every nappy change and so far my twins have had no issues so I swear by it. Not sure if I’ve just been lucky though!
  6. So sorry you’re going through this 😢 Those first few months when the babies come home can be amazing at times and desperate at other times. My girls birth was a very traumatic experience and I was worried for my partner for a while. As time has gone on he has opened up more and talked to me about it. I hope this is just a little freak out for your husband and he soon realises where he is meant to be. It’s a big shock to the system adjusting to two babies for anyone! Do feel like you can talk to your HV about this. Mine supported me through so much. Also there are lots of lovely mums here that
  7. I haven’t necessarily had spots but since giving birth my skin has become a lot more oily!! So weird!
  8. Thanks Helen that’s so kind of you to say! ☺️ How are your lovely girls doing?x
  9. I’m pretty sure it’s completely random what you get, my younger cousin is obsessed with them! I just can’t believe how expensive it is for one tiny doll!😱😱😱
  10. I agree it could do with being modernised. I can’t believe what some staff get away with saying though! 🙄
  11. Your husband sounds like an absolute gem! Sound like you guys have really been through it 😔 I hate when I hear about new mothers not being supported by doctors, nurses, midwives etc.
  12. Yes had mine in Poole! The staff were amazing 🤗 How about you Issy?xx
  13. I can’t believe you were treated in this way! How disgusting to be treated like that in one of the most vulnerable moments in a woman’s life! I am so sorry you had to go through that 😔 💕
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