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  1. Hello Holley !! Welcome to the site!! Oooh wow ...I remember the early days, so hard but so rewarding !! Being a twin mum is like nothing I've ever had to do, and you are right no one prepares you!! Mine are now 2 and although it's starting to show signs of getting a bit easier , the challenges are different! What are your boys called? Issy xx
  2. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had experience with one of their twins having a speech delay.. My daughter (twin 2) is 22 months and is being her sister with her speech! The health v has referred for a hearing test to rule out any hearing issues. That is next month. She makes alot of different noises and sounds, but she also kind of "talks" Internally. That's the only way I can describe it. It's odd. She has been a little more vocal the last week or two but some words she has said she now doesn't say any more. She has always been the "smaller" twin and I just wonder if it's just .. she's a bit slower because of this ? Any advise welcome ! Thanks πŸ‘
  3. We'll all be having a massive party for sure !! Something to look forward to too! Xx
  4. Keeping yourself busy is a great distraction! Sounds like you are acing twin life πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ Where in Hampshire are you? We're in Dorset! I have an older girl too of 5 so it's been challenging, trying to get school done, nightmare! And on top of it all.. We are packing to move house next week πŸ™ˆ choas! Xx
  5. You are doing so well, don't give up!! Your daily plan looks pretty good ! I think maybe if you were to bring the mid morning bottle to say 10.30 and make it couple ounces smaller , then they might be hungrier for lunch and the same with afternoon bottle , drop to 5 ounces and see. Mine I think , feels like a while ago now... We dropped the bedtime bottle around 10 months but they were eating a better dinner so I wouldn't suggest that yet! I think alot of it could be that they just aren't hungry enough In between all the milk :)) and maybe try either some thicker or thinner purees, maybe texture is a factor. Also are they teething ? Because mine aren't good eaters around bad teething times!! what sort of food do they like? Xx
  6. Good morning 🌞 And welcome to Twinclub πŸ‘‹ Congratulations on surviving 8 months with twins πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‰ How have you found it all??' Im really sorry to hear that about Jesse that must have been such an awful time for you - he will be and is always part of your family story ❀️ Lockdown is pretty infuriating isn't it ! What have you been doing to keep yourself busy ? xx
  7. Ooh great question πŸ™‚ anything sensory is great - we love filling up lots of "containers" with water and just get stuck in with water play - pouring on everything and everything! do you have a garden? - other outside activities that are fun - bug hunting , painting fences/concrete with water (🀣) Getting a pot and freezing some toys in there (like a giant ice cube with ice inside) good for a hot day , watching ice melt and revealing toys! Making dens inside Having a teddy bear picnic (also eating real food!) creating an obstacle course (in or out) Indoor treasure(food) hunt - that's a winner ! If I think of anymore I'll post !! 🀣 Xx
  8. Bless you😒 I have been there, and it is really distressing when they cry so long, it's mentally horrendous.(I used to hate it so much tooπŸ˜–πŸ˜–) I think you know deep down that the cry it out is prob the answer but, I think that at the moment we are all in such a weird time, no certainty and lots of anxiety and worry and my advice would be don't worry about it short term and pick your battles day to day ! They are still so little too. And it may be that they are having a leap or big growth change and this can really make them cry alot and be so clingy!! Xx
  9. πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ It's hard. Totally sympathise! Does she stop crying if she is distracted by toys or anything that doesn't involve being picked up ? X
  10. Have you tried laying her on something that smells like you so she feels more like you are near ? Xx
  11. Oooh no πŸ˜– that's a tricky one! Maybe it's more of a comfort thing that shes feeling more secure being on you and the fact your feeding her is a double win in a babies head 🀣 I can't remember when but mine deffinately got way more clingy at around that age and so I can sympathise with the whole frustration of her screaming when she's put down! Does she ever fall asleep in your partner's arms (not feeding obviously haha) or is it always on you ? xx
  12. Oh I absolutely agree! Being locked in is difficult with the little ones ! The sooner this is over the better πŸ˜‰ Xx
  13. Kids are sometimes the best distraction! Bless you darling ! You'll be okay just keep busy with those kiddos ❀️ keep smiling x
  14. Exactly this ! We just let them cry - it's awful at the time but only took and few days for them to learn that milk wasn't coming ! Mine never wake eachother up when crying .. it's odd, but thank god ! I would deff also try making the evening meal more bulky for the time being , more thick puree untill they are reliably getting enough food by finger food - this will help them go Ionger through ! Xx
  15. Good morning ❀️ welcome to the site ! This is such a tricky one - and I do sympathise completely!! Ours didn't start consistently sleep through untill around 8 months! It was hard work. Weaning did deff help especially once they started eating the bulkier food ! This is by far such a different experience than with my first who was in comparison a perfect baby 🀣 We stopped night bottles at around 6-7 months and it was horrible to start with we have major kick Offs but did get better over the following few days /weeks! I think quite often it's habit that they wake for a bottle and not because they are hungry Are you doing Baby led or puree or a mixture ? XXX
  16. Hello there ❀️ The way you would use this for breast feeding is like this in the picture. So the middle prong sits behind your back as a support and the two babies rest on each side of the pillow! Hope that helps ! xx
  17. Issy

    Advice wanted

    Ah that's amazing that you are getting on okay! When you start to see a small glimmer of light you know you are making it !! We love the TV! Little Baby Bum is our saviour πŸ™‚ xx
  18. Ooh that's a good idea with the baby porridge! Will your partner still be off to Afghanistan with everything going on or is it still a bit up in the air ? So hard when they go ! x
  19. It's only been a week but feels like a year ! I'm running out of ideas to keep them busy! Any ideas welcome !! Issy xx
  20. Oh bless you. It's a whole new world, especially with two cooking ! I had terrible sickness I can sympathise! Have you got any medication to help with this? xx
  21. Well hello there ! How exciting ❀️ we have lots of new mums on here so you are not alone! Do you know what you are expecting? How is everything going for you ? Welcome to Twinclub Issy xx
  22. Yes don't let anyone tell you... Frankly survival with twins is the most important thing however that happens, and unless you have twins it's something that people just don't understand ! Xx
  23. That's a huge relief when you get to the point of allowing them to wake for food, I have to say that was really a good step for us, and more sleep for us tired mummy's!!! πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ I was never one of these mums with any of my kids (I have an older girl) that stressed over routines, I didn't find that helped at all.. I kind of just rolled with is but just helped guide in the right direction rather than push when it wasn't working. The "routine" we have now the babies sort of naturally fell into and I've just tweaked slightly. But I'm happy to roll with changes , if they Decide they are hungry at 4.30 I don't make them wait another 15 mins for food.. I'll just start dinner earlier and drag it out- for me- this works πŸ™‚ everything will fall into place for you - sounds like your are going in the right direction though already - well done you ❀️❀️ xx
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