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  1. My boys are 2 and have a 3 year old brother. Just looking for any tips on keeping them entertained or any ideas on what I can do with them to limit the boredom meltdowns. thank you xx
  2. I’ve got one like this. Both used to be like it but it seems to have got better for twin 2 since he’s started walking. They are 19 months, 16 corrected. I tend to just give them food and run and tell myself it’s a faze and it won’t last forever but it’s tough! Especially when it’s both of them.
  3. I lit and kept the fire going! First time I’ve ever done it, my husband usually does it but we’ve got no heating and he was out. my other thing was I finished crocheting a hat. Always feels good when I start and finish something in the same week
  4. I found it easier from when they could sit up and felt a bit more solid. I pick one up and then grab the other holding on to a belly or leg. Then I just bounce them around until it feels comfortable. They think it’s hilarious 😂
  5. I often think this with my boys. I’m not sure how I’d do it, I do stuff with my eldest one on one but how do you do that when your middle and youngest is the same age? X
  6. We’ve just done a 5 hour flight with 18 month old twins and a 3 year old. We tried to keep them awake so they slept for a bit on the plane. My tips would be take lots of snacks, my 3 year old was happy with some sticker books and an iPad, games and pj masks helped us. That’s not my books for the twins. And iPad time. A friend of mine also tried calpol when she went to Australia. Seychelles is lovely
  7. When they was in hospital the nurses what often dress them when they was allowed to wear clothes so it’s a guess who is who unless I remembered to get their octopuses in the photo. the system drives my husband mad, he likes them to just wear whatever. I like there to be a theme so Liam will wear the red stripy top and Zach will wear the same but in blue.
  8. My hospital called mine a self elect emergency c section!
  9. One of mine is slightly bigger than the other. And the smaller one has a scar under his nose from NICU. It was impossible to tell them apart to begin with when in hospital, that’s why I came up with a clothes system so that when I look back at photos I’ll know who it who. I can tell now but I know in years to come I’ll have no idea
  10. We had just bought our house when we started ivf but due to the stress of that and my job we decided I would stop work, I do feel very lucky to be able to stay at home. I sell crochet bits and nappy cakes plus teach a majorette group. My friends who have returned have said it’s hard to begin with but most have enjoyed it, hopefully you’ll be ok too xx
  11. We would have struggled with girls names. First names would have been easy but I wanted middle names to have a family connection. Neither of our mums like their names so wouldn’t have been able to use them. I guess there was always our nans names... Clare, Peggy and Joyce... although we don’t have to worry about that now. 3 is our limit 😂
  12. I’m a full time mum but have some hobbies to keep me sane. What about you?
  13. Thank you. Luckily both of our dads are called John. When we found out our second pregnancy was twins we decided that we could each middle name one each and the other had no say. My husband picked Arthur after his grandad and I picked my maiden name x
  14. I know what you mean, we had to have live saving training before we could bring the twins home so I know what to do but the thought of actually having to do it...
  15. We’ve got John Arthur and Spencer- all family names x
  16. We’ve got an uppababy vista which I love, my two are 18 months x
  17. This still really worries me. Mine are 18 months (15 corrected) and I’ve only just, in the last month, let them have bigger bits. When we was weaning they would gag a lot so kept them on smoother purée for a bit longer. glad your little was fine, it’s usually worse for us when things happen x
  18. Going from 1 to 3 was hard especially as the twins was also on oxygen as well. But you get used to it and accept that you’ll never be on time or organised ever again 😂
  19. They was born at 26 weeks and came home just after their due date so 14 weeks in hospital. They are doing so well now, we’ve recently been discharged from the hospital and so far they don’t seem to have any issues, we are really lucky. We already had a little boy before the twins who was 20 months when they was born x
  20. Hi. I have identical twin boys who are 18 months - 15 months corrected. I’m just outside London in Essex.
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