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  1. Oh just remembered they Love yogurt and fruit purée! Would only eat that if they could 🤦‍♀️
  2. Twinmum88 Thank you. You’re right the lack of help is the hardest part and it’s also sad they are missing out on so much of them growing! My two have started rolling over, laughing a lot, cutting teeth, sitting up and all of it during lockdown. We take lots of videos and share them with the family but it’s not the same. How are you managing? Any tips? Issy, Im in Yateley in Hampshire. We love Dorset though! It certainly sounds like you have your hands full at the moment! I have many friends home schooling too and it sounds terribly difficult especially if yo
  3. Thanks ladies, Issy, I have to say I was giving them their feed at 10.30 but then the naps changed and nap till then now 😖. Also I am trialing dropping ounces, it’s been hit and miss as sometimes they are pretty cranky or cry after the bottle as they want more. I’ve decided to take a step back and cut down to two meals a day as I’m not sure they are ready for 3 yet. It’s difficult to say what foods they like as they don’t really show much interest lol. Robin pretty much eats everything and Finn refuses a lot. Banana porridge seems a hit and cheesy potato and leeks. I can get them
  4. Hi Issy, Nice to meet you! To be honest I’ve loved it! Yes at times it’s hard but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I just wished I’d have had the confidence to go out with them a bit more before the lockdown. I was also so nervous and worried I wouldn’t cope but now I feel ready. Thank your kind words regarding Jesse. He very much is a part of the family and will always be very much loved and missed. 💙 The boys have pretty much kept me busy during lockdown. We’ve had all the major developments, weaning and sleep regression so it’s really been all about them but now they ar
  5. Hi, I’m Pipa, Mum to twin boys, almost 8 months now. Robin and Finn. I also have a son Jesse who sadly passed away when I was 6 months pregnant(before the twins). finding lockdown life a struggle! Am registered as venerable so can’t escape these four walls 😱😱😱 How is everyone else doing?
  6. Hi, can anyone help I feel like I’m going down a rabbit hole when it comes to weaning! my boys are almost 8 months old and weaning has been a nightmare recently. We started at 6 months and all was going well but last month or so they just seem to hate it! one won’t open his mouth whatsoever! The other does ok. They won’t entertain blw and just push everything off their trays onto the floor. I've just started them on 3 meals a day but I think it’s too much?(all the books seem to say they should be on 3!?!?). I’ve tried to move having their milk after meal times but they aren’t h
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