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  1. Sorry to hear you're finding it difficult, I must admit I'm dreading this with my two šŸ˜¬ As I'm not there yet I don't really feel qualified to comment but as @Issy said your routine looks pretty good so don't give up! I'd imagine just keep tweaking it??
  2. Hi Pipa, welcome! So sorry to hear about Jesse šŸ’”šŸ˜„ Also finding lockdown really hard, mainly the lack of help to be honest as I have family members and friends who would love to be here helping! Sometimes I feel really bad because I wish my twins would be a bit older just so it would be easier but then I would also feel terrible for wanting to miss out on this stage!
  3. I know it's hard but perhaps you need to let her scream for more than a few minutes and it will also help wear her out a bit? It's probably just a case of getting her used to sleeping on her own I guess. There will come a point where she is just so tired she will fall asleep, although it won't be fun getting there! šŸ˜„
  4. Awww mine are not much older than yours and it is so hard especially at the moment without much in the way of help! šŸ˜„ How long have you tried letting her scream for when you put her down?
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