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  1. Evening everyone, Just wondering if anyone has got any advice with Eczema, one of my girls has got it, the doctor came me some cream to put on twice a day but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything, they said to me to go back in 2 weeks if I’m not happy we have done a week now and I’m not seeing any improvement, am I being to hasty? It’s not horrendous on her tummy, and she doesn’t appear to be itchy at all, any advice will be greatly received.
  2. Thank u @Issy and @Abi.P for your kind words, Elsie seemed really chesty this morning so took her to the drs and she is now on antibiotics as she has a chest infection, it feels like it’s never ending! Xx
  3. Yes it is so should be able to get it fixed x
  4. Thank u, I have no idea how it snapped off, was just walking along the pavement and it snapped, it’s still under warranty so should get fixed. Xx
  5. So last week, Maisie was poorly with high temperature and cold, this week myself and Elsie have come down with it and today Elsie has started with sickness and diarrhoea 😩 and to top it off I went for a walk on Tuesday with the girls and the wheel snapped of the front of my icandy pushchair. I’m exhausted and feel like utter crap with this cold and I could just cry!!!!.
  6. I use metanium if they are really sore, it’s brilliant stuff, I also like Asda little angels nappy cream aswell. X
  7. A little snippet of our photo shoot.
  8. A fellow twin mum said to me, remember u only have one pair of hands so don’t feel guilty if one has to wait. X
  9. One of my little girls came down with a horrible cold this week, it really knocked her for six and like your little boy she struggled with sleep, not eaten great this week either, I’ve just done the same as use calpol plug, vapour rub, calpol for her high temperature, today was our first good day so hopefully she is on the mend, hope your little boy feels better soon xxx
  10. Not great today, very clingy, she wants to go and play but then comes back for cuddles, it’s been a hard morning. Elsie wants my attention aswell and Maisie is just clung to me, they are both sleeping now so I’m gonna sit down and have a cup of tea and 5 minutes. X
  11. Yes we do unfortunately,I know people have to go to work but the policies are there for a reason, some people don’t like the fact that if they have sickness or diarrhoea they can’t come back until they have been clear for 48 hours. X
  12. Really uncomfortable, especially at night when trying to get to sleep,I bought one of those pregnancy pillow which did absolutely nothing for me. X
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