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  1. Hi, I have I.D girls Nancy&Nieve, they have recently turned 2 and was just wondering what everyone does when they take there tantrums I.e outside,in the car, in the house etc.. the girls arnt to bad just yet as I just kinda walk away and then strip and look at them and tell them to come on. I am only young and not one that really cares about people around me because I just think j they’ve been in this position before and if they haven’t they shouldn’t look down on people and maybe just ask do we want a hand😂 a lot of people to help and it’s amazing.
  2. Hi my twins are 2years old so a lot older but I just couldn’t scroll past without saying I found ‘routine is key’ with twins, I couldn’t of done anything without their routine and it carry’s on when their getting older to so there not just doing what they want😂 I was quite strict with it I.e my partner,grandparents,aunties etc and felt I should of lent of a little but I think back now and know I done the right thing. It’s normally around 12W+ for standard routine. 😊
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