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  1. Thankyou! yes it’s a very good sign and not easy to do. I did have home start but they discharged me as said I was doing so well ( before he left) I will ask my HV what she suggests.....
  2. Thanks for you kind message. yes he’s going to get some help and support. I hope he doesn’t walk away from us because they are the most beautiful babies. It’s so hard as I have just got back to work..... xx
  3. My husband isn’t coping very well and decided to leave last week. Not sure what will happen.
  4. It gets very hectic all of a sudden when they go off exploring you need to baby proof everything we do but we don’t like keeping them contained too much unless I have to go out the room etc we use one as a fireplace guard at the moment to protect there heads.
  5. Mine just all of a sudden started moving and now they won’t stay put. They will do it in there own time. xx
  6. About 8.5 months or so my little girl crawls everywhere my little boy only will if he wants something hahahaha. xx
  7. He does find it a struggle it’s hard work. No we had been together maybe 18months or so? So it’s all happened rather quickly.
  8. That’s a good idea. It can’t be easy missing bed times. Although I did say to my husband it’s important they see mummy going to work. I miss my job I love my job but I just wish I could stay with my babies more. Well done for going back I know it can’t be easy
  9. Thankyou. How have you found being back at work? Not sure I feel like a pro but can certainly give whatever advice I can. He found it so hard at first as we were not married for long when we found out we were expecting twins but he’s great with them.
  10. Yes it’s amazing when they smile and giggle and they are at the stage where they interact and play together so it’s so lovely the bond they have. I will be going back part time just 3 days a week. We visited the nursery yesterday and they went off and explored and made friends. made me feel a bit better.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have 9 month old b/g twins who have changed my life. It’s been one of the most challenging yet rewarding fulfilling times of my life. Hope and Joshua are now crawling, Talking and have such fun characters. due to return to work soon and will miss them so much. Do other mums feel guilty about returning to work?
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