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  1. Thank you! And yes finally we’ve turned a corner! She has made a total u-turn and now only wants me and not her daddy! It’s made me realise that they just go through these phases and to try not to take it personally, which I definitely did! It went on for a good couple of months but now we’re through it (for now!). Thanks for your words of encouragement xxx
  2. Hi city mum. No sadly it’s still pretty much the same situation. She’s still quite clingy and goes through phases where she’ll want me but mostly just pushes me away for daddy. It’s sad when she is crying and wants a cuddle but still refuses me when I try. 😢 but I’m trying really hard not to take it personally!! I’m hoping it’s because I’m just part of the furniture to her so she knows I’m always there. Which is better than feeling like I’m not there for her if you know what I mean? Ah it’s so hard!!!
  3. Hi Issy Thanks for the reply! No not that I’m aware of! She’s always been a little more sensitive though. I think maybe she has extreme emotions to deal with!😅 Caroline x
  4. Hi! 👋 I’m after some advice!! I’ve got 21month olds... One of the twins has always been a little more high maintenance than the other... but recently she’s so clingy I don’t know what to do with her! She fixes on me or my husband and won’t have anyone else help her and insists on being cuddled and held so much!! At the moment all she wants is daddy and will physically push me away. Do you think she’s reacting to always having to share us with her sister? Or do you think it’s just a phase (everything’s a phase usually right?!) Thankfully my other twin is chilled and not worried at all. Anyone else experienced anything similar? 😢 Caroline xxx
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