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  1. Yes the last two years have definitely flown by! Two year olds have their own challenges but they're definitely so much easier than those first few months! Once they start sleeping properly it makes a big difference! I guess you've been able to get plenty of help from friends/family now that restrictions are lifting? I can't imagine how hard it must have been for people with newborn twins during the first few months of lockdown when you weren't allowed to see anyone. It was bad enough for us and ours were 1 at that time.
  2. Hi Holley and welcome to Twin Club! 😀 Firstly congratulations on the birth of your boys and amazing news that they are back home and healthy! You are right - twin life is super hard. My twins are a bit older now (2 years) but I remember how hard the early days were. The first 3 months were honestly such a blur. How are you finding the nights so far?
  3. Ah ok all making sense now!! 😃 So we initially fitted it to our 2017 NX (but it was the 2017 on model). However, I think the model change was only really a facelift e.g. different lights/bumpers, different screen inside. The car is essentially the same for the most part. When I first spoke to multi mac I believe they said it was a standard fitting kit, but once the multi mac arrived and I tried to fit the thing, it quickly became apparent that I couldn't easily access the rear seat belt buckles/mounting points as they were so far recessed within the seat bench. Speaking again to multi mac they said they had only fitted them into a couple of NX models that they were aware of (at that point in early 2019) and that those ones were fitted at their fitting partners where as I was having a go myself. They also suggested it might need drilling (worst case scenario) which I wasn't too keen on as the car was still under warranty at that point. However, I then ended up getting put through to Kevin who is the founder/owner and he was really helpful at getting it sorted for me. I sent him some pictures of the car and located a potential mount point (in this case the rear seat mounting brackets that I could access from under the boot floor) and Kevin said it would be OK but that I'd need some longer tether straps and slightly different bolts if I recall correctly. He sent those out very quickly and free of charge, even offering worst case scenario that he'd drive down to me (about 3 hours from their HQ) and sort it for me if I couldn't myself - excellent service! Fortunately for him, I was easily able to sort it with the replacement bits - we also needed some of their firm foam pads to sit under the multi mac too by the way (to stop the multi mac pushing down/damaging the seat belt buckles). You can see these in the photo below. We have since moved the multi mac into another newer Lexus NX with no problems (2020 model). Where are you located by the way? If you're not far away I could always show your husband how it's fitted, or give some pointers over the phone if you like? Also, random other question - you're not looking for some roof bars for your car are you? I have some to sell...
  4. Hi @Nikki and welcome to Twin Club! Congratulations on your upcoming new arrivals - when are they due? The additional kit was just some slightly different sized bolts and longer tether straps. Normally you should get everything you need with the seat when it arrives, it's just there was some confusion as to the fitting for my particular car, and so they sent me some additional fittings in order to get it to fit. They were very helpful at getting the problem sorted. On many cars you may be able to attach not to the belts themselves but to the seat belt mounting point. Essentially the tether straps have to be bolted to something solid. What car do you have?
  5. Hi @NickyT and welcome to Twin Club! 🙂 Sorry to hear you're finding it hard at the moment and I can only imagine how frustrating the new rules must be again - no more household visits is that right? Basically that translates to a lack of grandparents/friends helping out I guess? It must have been really tough with newborns, ours were just under 1 when lockdown kicked in initially and we definitely found it really tough when we were used to having a reasonable amount of help - it just felt like never having a break. 😞 Just remember it will start to get a bit easier as they get older - I know lockdown doesn't exactly help matters but they will get easier on their own in other ways - at least a bit!!
  6. Glad to hear it's at least a little better now! How is she with other people? I guess it's probably not helpful at the moment that you can't see too many 😔
  7. @Breffni hope you're ok, just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing? Any progress with the sleep?
  8. Hi @Lynsey nice to hear from you! Agreed it has been full on! Have you/partner been furloughed or have you been working through it? I had a few weeks where @Issy was still working but we had no childcare so I had to try and watch all three girls whilst working from home for a couple of days a week.... Nightmare!
  9. Hi everyone, @Issy and I just wanted to say hello to some of the new members we've had sign up recently! @ALVAREZ @Lynsey @Jodie @Jen @Louise Noble @Larkisia Welcome to all of you! 😀 Please don't be shy - stick a post up to say hello and introduce yourselves, we'd love to hear about your twins/expectant twins and hear about how you're all doing with the current situation. We've been stuck inside with our twins for nearly 6 weeks now (I think??) and even celebrated their first birthday under lockdown... 😢🎉 How has it been for all of you?
  10. Hi @MumOf4 sorry to hear you're finding it hard but yes as @Issy says sometimes you have to let them cry. It will be hard but I like to think of it as "short term pain for long term gain" - at least that's what I tell myself! 😂
  11. Hi @Stephanie and welcome to twin club! Congratulations on the birth of your boys!! I'm assuming they're your first children? That's a shame that your partner has to go back to work soon but that's just the way it goes usually isn't it!? I had the same thing and only had about 2 weeks off - sadly paternity pay is not very good at all unless your partner works for a company that tops it up. Have you got plenty of friends/family around to help you when he goes back?
  12. Hi @Breffni if you want something fairly well priced, I actually wrote a little review of the TP link smart camera that we use here: TP Link Kasa Cam KC100 Review They're not sold specifically as a baby monitor but they're basically cheap smart cameras that connect to your wifi - you can pick them up for circa. £30 on Amazon 😀 Once you have the camera you just use the app on your phone to view it and it will send you alerts etc. if you want. As a bonus you can still view it if you're out and have a babysitter or whatever. Take a look at the review I did and let me know what you think. A couple of friends/family members have also since bought them on my recommendation and like them.
  13. Hi @Esther we had a similar but different situation in our house - we already had a 5 year old and then the twins came along. My wife had a C-section with the twins too. How long were you in hospital after the birth? I found the first 2-3 months really difficult. probably the most difficult thing I've ever done, but then of course the fact that it was twins was definitely a part of that. It did also make us feel a bit guilty not spending so much time with our 5 year old, but we just tried to keep her busy with "helping" etc and making her feel involved. Obviously a bit easier in that she's 5 years old rather than 2 but the same principle I guess. Have you much help from family at the moment? Don't forget you will start feeling better soon and will gradually be able to do more. Then you will just have to make sure you work really well as a team. Is there anything really specific you're struggling with?
  14. Hi @Pammy sorry to hear this. I can definitely relate with how he is feeling - I'm sure I ended up with a sort of male form of post natal depression in the first few weeks even, but it does get better! Is it purely not coping with the twins that has caused this or anything more to it? If he wants to speak to another man that has been through it I'm more than happy!
  15. You're right actually re. bringing all the stuff with you on the train - should have thought of that I think personally you would be OK with a couple of stops if they're holding their heads up fine now - when are you thinking of going?
  16. Hi @Letty The generally accepted rule is 2 hours at a time, so if you follow that you'd need to stop twice. Some people say less than that (I've seen 30 mins mentioned before!!) but honestly we'd never get more than a few miles from our house in the traffic these days! 🤮 If you read up it's generally to do with restricted airways when babies can't hold their heads up properly yet - how are you two at holding their heads up? I'm guess they're getting there at 4.5 months? I guess the alternative would be the train if not, but can't see that being fun with twins! 😜
  17. Hi @Rachel B don't worry makes total sense!! When it's all of us it's not so bad obviously as we can have one each, but when it's one of us on our own with the girls it's more of a challenge. Definitely something that's not really mentioned as a practicality of having twins. For us, we're lucky in a sense that we have a driveway and live in a cul-de-sac, however it's still a bit of a challenge to bring them both to the car from the house on your own. We have a MultiMac car seat (also have a 5 year old) with two MiniMac rear facing seats for the twins. We usually leave those in the car as like you've said it's easier in terms of carrying and they're quite heavy too. Normally I leave one twin in the living room playing with a few toys and then run out to the car with the other twin. Get her strapped in as quickly as possible, then run back for the other one. Not ideal but what can you really do? You just have to be quick I suppose. It's even more fun in the rain right?! One good thing about the MultiMac is that because it's a 3 seater, we have our 5 year old on one side of the car, one twin on the other and one in the middle. Due to one being in the middle it is possible (somewhat awkwardly) to reach across and put both in from the same side if you're parked on a road, so long as you're on the correct side of course! Re. a side by side double buggy we have a Mountain Buggy Duet V3 that we really like and I reviewed here if you're interested! What buggy/seats do you have at the moment?
  18. Hi @Girl Mum Zoe and welcome to twin club! Great question! Although I'd probably say what isn't hard/challenging about having twins!! 😂 Honestly though for me it was definitely the first 2-3 months before we got them into a decent routine and before they started sleeping at night. It's different than having one of course as with one you can take turns with your partner of course and actually get some kind of rest! What about you? Also how old are your twins?
  19. Hi @Clairey V is the cream hydrocortisone as that's quite commonly used for eczema? I'd definitely give it the full two weeks, especially if it's not bothering her, as I know eczema can take a while to go sometimes and you do also get flair ups etc.
  20. We never used anything like this with our eldest - back then we would simply go through the usual motions of boiling the kettle, letting it cool etc. but that was just one baby! When we found out that we were having twins, it was definitely a case of "what can we do to make our lives easier?" and the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine seemed like something that would fit the bill. One of our friends had used one with her baby, and we'd heard pretty good things about it, and so we decided to give one a go with our twins. What is it? You've probably already heard of these machines, or you may even have one, but in case you don't know, the idea behind the machine is that it cuts out the kettle and/or heating the bottles completely, and prepares bottles to the perfect temperature for your baby / babies. It has a water tank that you top up using standard cold water from the tap, and the machine contains a special filter that removes impurities to the same or an even better standard as boiling it. There are also a few lights on the front to show you its status, and a simple dial on the top that lets you adjust the amount of milk you want to make up in ounces. The Perfect Prep machine costs around £60 at the time of writing this. What's it like to use? Using it is pretty simple. Assuming you have enough water in there, simply move the dial to the amount of milk you would like, pop your bottle under and press the big power button on the top of the machine to start the process. The machine will then complete the first stage (the boiling water) and will beep when it's done. If you have a Tassimo machine or similar, it kind of sounds like one of those when it's boiling the water, so I imagine the technology is pretty similar to that. You can then add your required amount of formula (e.g. 5 scoops for 5 oz), pop the lid on the bottle and give it a shake to make sure the boiling water makes contact with all of the milk powder. Once you've done this remove the lid, place the bottle back under the machine and press the big button again for the next stage. You have two minutes to add the milk powder, otherwise the machine will beep at you and time out, but this is plenty of time really. During the next stage, the machine adds the filtered cold water and will again beep at you when it's finished. Once it's done, you'll have to give it a good shake and you'll have the perfect temperature bottle of milk ready to serve to your baby! Any downsides? Well firstly the machine is clearly designed for the majority of people who have just one baby (isn't everything?!) so obviously you can only make up one bottle at a time which isn't ideal if you have two or more screaming babies to feed. However, it's still quicker than boiling a kettle and waiting for it to cool etc. The other downside specifically for those with twins or multiples is that you will find yourself filling up the water tank a lot. The tank has a reasonable capacity, and can get a few bottles out of it which would again be fine with one baby, but with two we found that we were needing to fill it up very regularly. Not a big deal though and we just got in the habit of keeping a jug handy and topping it up after every use. Lastly, you do of course need to buy replacement filters for the machine every now and then, in order to be sure that the water is being filtered correctly. Tommee Tippee claim the the Perfect Prep filters last around 2-3 months, and a little light comes on to tell you that it needs replacing. However, I've figured out (I think) that this simply counts the number of times you use it and turns the light on at a set number, so we were finding in practice with the twins we were getting about half that quoted time before the light came on. Replacement filters are currently around £11, so something to bear in mind when it comes to running costs for the machine. Of course, once your baby / babies reach an age where they can drink tap water, there's no need to worry so much about the filter anyway. Is it worth buying? On balance, yes I'd say so. I know that we'd definitely have one again with another baby (not that there will be any more of those for us!). It's really convenient to use, and it's reassuring to not have to worry about the temperature of bottles and whether or not it's too hot/too cold and so on. It's also relatively quick and simple to use, so that even when you're bleary-eyed in the middle of night you can still operate it and get a bottle made quickly and hassle free. Also, while you'll likely have to buy more filters with twins or multiples, you kind of have to buy more of everything anyway so this is not much of a surprise! When we''re finally done with formula we'll probably see if we can sell the machine on too, and get a bit of money back for it which is always helpful. Also, if anyone wants to know anything more about the Perfect Prep machine, I'd definitely class myself as an experienced user by this point so feel free to fire away! 😂
  21. Glad to hear it's going well! I remember us being in the same boat re. due date - we used to get asked all the time "when's the due date" and we'd have to explain that the 40 week date was this, but they won't let us go that long, so they'll more likely be here on this date" or something like that - it was almost as tiring as constantly being asked if we had twins in the family haha! 😂 What have you got left to do at home? Is their nursery all ready?
  22. Hi @Breffni nice to hear from you! 😀 How's the pregnancy going in general? So ours were born at 4Ib 13 oz and 5 Ib 7 oz, so a reasonably difference and that was at 36+4. For a few weeks they were talking about checking for twin to twin and all of that but in the end they were fine and they didn't detect any of that, one was just bigger than the other. It worried us for a bit but all was fine in the end. Talking to quite a few other twin parents it also seems pretty normal for one to be bigger than the other by a noticeable amount. Funnily enough now, the one who was born smaller is now slightly heavier!! 😂
  23. Hi @K8s91 yes I think you should definitely go to 3 meals a day - sounds like she's hungry. Also, I'd say she's old enough not to wake for milk in the night. Our 9 month old twins currently have the following meal pattern and don't wake in the night (unless they have a cough like right now 🙁). Wake up 6.30am 6oz bottle, breakfast of porridge/toast about 8am, back for nap, 5oz bottles about 10.30am, lunch at 12.30 (pureed food and a biscuit) plus tap water, quick nap after lunch, 5oz bottles about 3.30pm, dinner at about 4.45pm (pureed food and yoghurts) plus tap water, 5.30pm bath time then bed for about 6pm. They'll then sleep through until about 6/6.30am. Definitely get her nice and full before bed either way. Hopefully if you add the 3rd meal then she won't want so much milk. Hope that helps!
  24. Thanks, she has last her first two front teeth now but I don't think it's that as she was slow before anyway - it's probably not helping things though haha!
  25. Wow not that long then definitely thrown in the deep end with twins then! I do think though that if you can get through the first few months of twins together you can get through anything! 😁
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