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  1. Ah ok all making sense now!! 😃 So we initially fitted it to our 2017 NX (but it was the 2017 on model). However, I think the model change was only really a facelift e.g. different lights/bumpers, different screen inside. The car is essentially the same for the most part. When I first spoke to multi mac I believe they said it was a standard fitting kit, but once the multi mac arrived and I tried to fit the thing, it quickly became apparent that I couldn't easily access the rear seat belt buckles/mounting points as they were so far recessed within the seat bench. Speaking again to mult
  2. Hi @Nikki and welcome to Twin Club! Congratulations on your upcoming new arrivals - when are they due? The additional kit was just some slightly different sized bolts and longer tether straps. Normally you should get everything you need with the seat when it arrives, it's just there was some confusion as to the fitting for my particular car, and so they sent me some additional fittings in order to get it to fit. They were very helpful at getting the problem sorted. On many cars you may be able to attach not to the belts themselves but to the seat belt mounting point. Essen
  3. Hi @NickyT and welcome to Twin Club! 🙂 Sorry to hear you're finding it hard at the moment and I can only imagine how frustrating the new rules must be again - no more household visits is that right? Basically that translates to a lack of grandparents/friends helping out I guess? It must have been really tough with newborns, ours were just under 1 when lockdown kicked in initially and we definitely found it really tough when we were used to having a reasonable amount of help - it just felt like never having a break. 😞 Just remember it will start to get a bit easier as they g
  4. Glad to hear it's at least a little better now! How is she with other people? I guess it's probably not helpful at the moment that you can't see too many 😔
  5. @Breffni hope you're ok, just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing? Any progress with the sleep?
  6. Hi @Lynsey nice to hear from you! Agreed it has been full on! Have you/partner been furloughed or have you been working through it? I had a few weeks where @Issy was still working but we had no childcare so I had to try and watch all three girls whilst working from home for a couple of days a week.... Nightmare!
  7. Hi everyone, @Issy and I just wanted to say hello to some of the new members we've had sign up recently! @ALVAREZ @Lynsey @Jodie @Jen @Louise Noble @Larkisia Welcome to all of you! 😀 Please don't be shy - stick a post up to say hello and introduce yourselves, we'd love to hear about your twins/expectant twins and hear about how you're all doing with the current situation. We've been stuck inside with our twins for nearly 6 weeks now (I think??) and even celebrated their first birthday under lockdown... 😢🎉 How has it been for all of you?
  8. Hi @MumOf4 sorry to hear you're finding it hard but yes as @Issy says sometimes you have to let them cry. It will be hard but I like to think of it as "short term pain for long term gain" - at least that's what I tell myself! 😂
  9. Hi @Stephanie and welcome to twin club! Congratulations on the birth of your boys!! I'm assuming they're your first children? That's a shame that your partner has to go back to work soon but that's just the way it goes usually isn't it!? I had the same thing and only had about 2 weeks off - sadly paternity pay is not very good at all unless your partner works for a company that tops it up. Have you got plenty of friends/family around to help you when he goes back?
  10. Hi @Breffni if you want something fairly well priced, I actually wrote a little review of the TP link smart camera that we use here: TP Link Kasa Cam KC100 Review They're not sold specifically as a baby monitor but they're basically cheap smart cameras that connect to your wifi - you can pick them up for circa. £30 on Amazon 😀 Once you have the camera you just use the app on your phone to view it and it will send you alerts etc. if you want. As a bonus you can still view it if you're out and have a babysitter or whatever. Take a look at the review I did and let me know what
  11. Hi @Esther we had a similar but different situation in our house - we already had a 5 year old and then the twins came along. My wife had a C-section with the twins too. How long were you in hospital after the birth? I found the first 2-3 months really difficult. probably the most difficult thing I've ever done, but then of course the fact that it was twins was definitely a part of that. It did also make us feel a bit guilty not spending so much time with our 5 year old, but we just tried to keep her busy with "helping" etc and making her feel involved. Obviously a bit easier in that she'
  12. Hi @Pammy sorry to hear this. I can definitely relate with how he is feeling - I'm sure I ended up with a sort of male form of post natal depression in the first few weeks even, but it does get better! Is it purely not coping with the twins that has caused this or anything more to it? If he wants to speak to another man that has been through it I'm more than happy!
  13. You're right actually re. bringing all the stuff with you on the train - should have thought of that I think personally you would be OK with a couple of stops if they're holding their heads up fine now - when are you thinking of going?
  14. Hi @Letty The generally accepted rule is 2 hours at a time, so if you follow that you'd need to stop twice. Some people say less than that (I've seen 30 mins mentioned before!!) but honestly we'd never get more than a few miles from our house in the traffic these days! 🤮 If you read up it's generally to do with restricted airways when babies can't hold their heads up properly yet - how are you two at holding their heads up? I'm guess they're getting there at 4.5 months? I guess the alternative would be the train if not, but can't see that being fun with twins! 😜
  15. Hi @Rachel B don't worry makes total sense!! When it's all of us it's not so bad obviously as we can have one each, but when it's one of us on our own with the girls it's more of a challenge. Definitely something that's not really mentioned as a practicality of having twins. For us, we're lucky in a sense that we have a driveway and live in a cul-de-sac, however it's still a bit of a challenge to bring them both to the car from the house on your own. We have a MultiMac car seat (also have a 5 year old) with two MiniMac rear facing seats for the twins. We usually leave those in t
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