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  1. Hi guys, hit me up with your recommendations for video baby monitors that work well for twins. Nothing thats going to break the bank. We got a bit lax and still haven't bought any even tho the twins are here 🙈😅
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  2. Hi @Breffni if you want something fairly well priced, I actually wrote a little review of the TP link smart camera that we use here: TP Link Kasa Cam KC100 Review They're not sold specifically as a baby monitor but they're basically cheap smart cameras that connect to your wifi - you can pick them up for circa. £30 on Amazon 😀 Once you have the camera you just use the app on your phone to view it and it will send you alerts etc. if you want. As a bonus you can still view it if you're out and have a babysitter or whatever. Take a look at the review I did and let me know what
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  3. We never used anything like this with our eldest - back then we would simply go through the usual motions of boiling the kettle, letting it cool etc. but that was just one baby! When we found out that we were having twins, it was definitely a case of "what can we do to make our lives easier?" and the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine seemed like something that would fit the bill. One of our friends had used one with her baby, and we'd heard pretty good things about it, and so we decided to give one a go with our twins. What is it? You've probably already heard of these machines
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