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  1. Hi guys, hit me up with your recommendations for video baby monitors that work well for twins. Nothing thats going to break the bank. We got a bit lax and still haven't bought any even tho the twins are here 🙈😅
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  2. Hi @Breffni if you want something fairly well priced, I actually wrote a little review of the TP link smart camera that we use here: TP Link Kasa Cam KC100 Review They're not sold specifically as a baby monitor but they're basically cheap smart cameras that connect to your wifi - you can pick them up for circa. £30 on Amazon 😀 Once you have the camera you just use the app on your phone to view it and it will send you alerts etc. if you want. As a bonus you can still view it if you're out and have a babysitter or whatever. Take a look at the review I did and let me know what you think. A couple of friends/family members have also since bought them on my recommendation and like them.
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  3. We never used anything like this with our eldest - back then we would simply go through the usual motions of boiling the kettle, letting it cool etc. but that was just one baby! When we found out that we were having twins, it was definitely a case of "what can we do to make our lives easier?" and the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine seemed like something that would fit the bill. One of our friends had used one with her baby, and we'd heard pretty good things about it, and so we decided to give one a go with our twins. What is it? You've probably already heard of these machines, or you may even have one, but in case you don't know, the idea behind the machine is that it cuts out the kettle and/or heating the bottles completely, and prepares bottles to the perfect temperature for your baby / babies. It has a water tank that you top up using standard cold water from the tap, and the machine contains a special filter that removes impurities to the same or an even better standard as boiling it. There are also a few lights on the front to show you its status, and a simple dial on the top that lets you adjust the amount of milk you want to make up in ounces. The Perfect Prep machine costs around £60 at the time of writing this. What's it like to use? Using it is pretty simple. Assuming you have enough water in there, simply move the dial to the amount of milk you would like, pop your bottle under and press the big power button on the top of the machine to start the process. The machine will then complete the first stage (the boiling water) and will beep when it's done. If you have a Tassimo machine or similar, it kind of sounds like one of those when it's boiling the water, so I imagine the technology is pretty similar to that. You can then add your required amount of formula (e.g. 5 scoops for 5 oz), pop the lid on the bottle and give it a shake to make sure the boiling water makes contact with all of the milk powder. Once you've done this remove the lid, place the bottle back under the machine and press the big button again for the next stage. You have two minutes to add the milk powder, otherwise the machine will beep at you and time out, but this is plenty of time really. During the next stage, the machine adds the filtered cold water and will again beep at you when it's finished. Once it's done, you'll have to give it a good shake and you'll have the perfect temperature bottle of milk ready to serve to your baby! Any downsides? Well firstly the machine is clearly designed for the majority of people who have just one baby (isn't everything?!) so obviously you can only make up one bottle at a time which isn't ideal if you have two or more screaming babies to feed. However, it's still quicker than boiling a kettle and waiting for it to cool etc. The other downside specifically for those with twins or multiples is that you will find yourself filling up the water tank a lot. The tank has a reasonable capacity, and can get a few bottles out of it which would again be fine with one baby, but with two we found that we were needing to fill it up very regularly. Not a big deal though and we just got in the habit of keeping a jug handy and topping it up after every use. Lastly, you do of course need to buy replacement filters for the machine every now and then, in order to be sure that the water is being filtered correctly. Tommee Tippee claim the the Perfect Prep filters last around 2-3 months, and a little light comes on to tell you that it needs replacing. However, I've figured out (I think) that this simply counts the number of times you use it and turns the light on at a set number, so we were finding in practice with the twins we were getting about half that quoted time before the light came on. Replacement filters are currently around £11, so something to bear in mind when it comes to running costs for the machine. Of course, once your baby / babies reach an age where they can drink tap water, there's no need to worry so much about the filter anyway. Is it worth buying? On balance, yes I'd say so. I know that we'd definitely have one again with another baby (not that there will be any more of those for us!). It's really convenient to use, and it's reassuring to not have to worry about the temperature of bottles and whether or not it's too hot/too cold and so on. It's also relatively quick and simple to use, so that even when you're bleary-eyed in the middle of night you can still operate it and get a bottle made quickly and hassle free. Also, while you'll likely have to buy more filters with twins or multiples, you kind of have to buy more of everything anyway so this is not much of a surprise! When we''re finally done with formula we'll probably see if we can sell the machine on too, and get a bit of money back for it which is always helpful. Also, if anyone wants to know anything more about the Perfect Prep machine, I'd definitely class myself as an experienced user by this point so feel free to fire away! 😂
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