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  1. Hello lovely twin parents, Bit of advice needed. My little girl is almost 7 months and has been on solids since about 5 months. She currently has porridge in the morning and then an Ella's kitchen meal and yoghurt at lunchtime along with her normal bottles. The last 2 nights she has been waking constantly from 8.30pm we have then been giving an 8oz bottle at 10.30pm which she demolished and then exactly the same thing at 2am. Should I start feeding her 3 meals a day? If so what are peoples go to meals and at what times? She usually goes down between 6pm-7pm and wakes once for a bottle and then wakes at 6am so would ideally like to get back to this sleep pattern. Thanks everyone xxx
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  2. I think my whole head is made up of Batiste 😂 I've just bought the superdrug own ones to try out as Batiste is pretty expensive and I go through a lot (!) but I'm just getting through my bulk load and then see if the superdrug ones are any good 🤞🏻 xx
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  3. We went away to Centre parcs for Christmas, had a fantastic time !! Happy new year everyone !!! Wishing you all a great year with all things twins!!!
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