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  1. Hahaha .. I'm just trying to picture this 🙈 I'm going to have to give it a go! Xx
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  2. I’ve got one like this. Both used to be like it but it seems to have got better for twin 2 since he’s started walking. They are 19 months, 16 corrected. I tend to just give them food and run and tell myself it’s a faze and it won’t last forever but it’s tough! Especially when it’s both of them.
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  3. I found it easier from when they could sit up and felt a bit more solid. I pick one up and then grab the other holding on to a belly or leg. Then I just bounce them around until it feels comfortable. They think it’s hilarious 😂
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  4. I baked my first ever Christmas cake today!!! Just lacing it with brandy now !!!! I kept telling myself one day I'll make one and Ive finally done it!!!!
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