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  2. Yes the last two years have definitely flown by! Two year olds have their own challenges but they're definitely so much easier than those first few months! Once they start sleeping properly it makes a big difference! I guess you've been able to get plenty of help from friends/family now that restrictions are lifting? I can't imagine how hard it must have been for people with newborn twins during the first few months of lockdown when you weren't allowed to see anyone. It was bad enough for us and ours were 1 at that time.
  3. Hello Holley !! Welcome to the site!! Oooh wow ...I remember the early days, so hard but so rewarding !! Being a twin mum is like nothing I've ever had to do, and you are right no one prepares you!! Mine are now 2 and although it's starting to show signs of getting a bit easier , the challenges are different! What are your boys called? Issy xx
  4. Hi James, Thank you 🙂 I bet the last 2 years has flown by, all I’ve been told is cherish every moment as they are only this age and size once! Nights are hard, but bearable. Waking up to their little faces makes it all so worth it.
  5. Hi Holley and welcome to Twin Club! 😀 Firstly congratulations on the birth of your boys and amazing news that they are back home and healthy! You are right - twin life is super hard. My twins are a bit older now (2 years) but I remember how hard the early days were. The first 3 months were honestly such a blur. How are you finding the nights so far?
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