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  2. Hi @NickyT and welcome to Twin Club! 🙂 Sorry to hear you're finding it hard at the moment and I can only imagine how frustrating the new rules must be again - no more household visits is that right? Basically that translates to a lack of grandparents/friends helping out I guess? It must have been really tough with newborns, ours were just under 1 when lockdown kicked in initially and we definitely found it really tough when we were used to having a reasonable amount of help - it just felt like never having a break. 😞 Just remember it will start to get a bit easier as they g
  3. Hi everyone I'm Nicky from Manchester I have boy/girl twins who are 6 months now. How are you all coping with current situation? I just feel like don't get me wrong I wouldn't change them for the world but it seems like the worst time to have twins! Lockdown was so hard with newborns and now we basically have lockdown again around here I can't believe it just when I was getting used to my mum helping me out a bit more. 😭 Anyway hope you are all doing well would be good to say hello to some other twin mums! Nicky x
  4. Glad to hear it's at least a little better now! How is she with other people? I guess it's probably not helpful at the moment that you can't see too many 😔
  5. Didn't see this, sorry. Sleep is a little better. She is still very much a koala baby, but will now be put down for a little while. I think I've just accepted that she wants me all the time and try to give Daniel lots of attention when they are both awake. It's still hard but I'm making it work most days. Thanks 😊
  6. @Breffni hope you're ok, just thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing? Any progress with the sleep?
  7. We'll all be having a massive party for sure !! Something to look forward to too! Xx
  8. Oh just remembered they Love yogurt and fruit purée! Would only eat that if they could 🤦‍♀️
  9. Twinmum88 Thank you. You’re right the lack of help is the hardest part and it’s also sad they are missing out on so much of them growing! My two have started rolling over, laughing a lot, cutting teeth, sitting up and all of it during lockdown. We take lots of videos and share them with the family but it’s not the same. How are you managing? Any tips? Issy, Im in Yateley in Hampshire. We love Dorset though! It certainly sounds like you have your hands full at the moment! I have many friends home schooling too and it sounds terribly difficult especially if yo
  10. Thanks ladies, Issy, I have to say I was giving them their feed at 10.30 but then the naps changed and nap till then now 😖. Also I am trialing dropping ounces, it’s been hit and miss as sometimes they are pretty cranky or cry after the bottle as they want more. I’ve decided to take a step back and cut down to two meals a day as I’m not sure they are ready for 3 yet. It’s difficult to say what foods they like as they don’t really show much interest lol. Robin pretty much eats everything and Finn refuses a lot. Banana porridge seems a hit and cheesy potato and leeks. I can get them
  11. Sorry to hear you're finding it difficult, I must admit I'm dreading this with my two 😬 As I'm not there yet I don't really feel qualified to comment but as @Issy said your routine looks pretty good so don't give up! I'd imagine just keep tweaking it??
  12. Hi Pipa, welcome! So sorry to hear about Jesse 💔😥 Also finding lockdown really hard, mainly the lack of help to be honest as I have family members and friends who would love to be here helping! Sometimes I feel really bad because I wish my twins would be a bit older just so it would be easier but then I would also feel terrible for wanting to miss out on this stage!
  13. I know it's hard but perhaps you need to let her scream for more than a few minutes and it will also help wear her out a bit? It's probably just a case of getting her used to sleeping on her own I guess. There will come a point where she is just so tired she will fall asleep, although it won't be fun getting there! 😥
  14. Keeping yourself busy is a great distraction! Sounds like you are acing twin life 🙌🙌 Where in Hampshire are you? We're in Dorset! I have an older girl too of 5 so it's been challenging, trying to get school done, nightmare! And on top of it all.. We are packing to move house next week 🙈 choas! Xx
  15. You are doing so well, don't give up!! Your daily plan looks pretty good ! I think maybe if you were to bring the mid morning bottle to say 10.30 and make it couple ounces smaller , then they might be hungrier for lunch and the same with afternoon bottle , drop to 5 ounces and see. Mine I think , feels like a while ago now... We dropped the bedtime bottle around 10 months but they were eating a better dinner so I wouldn't suggest that yet! I think alot of it could be that they just aren't hungry enough In between all the milk :)) and maybe try either some thicker
  16. Hi Issy, Nice to meet you! To be honest I’ve loved it! Yes at times it’s hard but I wouldn’t want it any other way. I just wished I’d have had the confidence to go out with them a bit more before the lockdown. I was also so nervous and worried I wouldn’t cope but now I feel ready. Thank your kind words regarding Jesse. He very much is a part of the family and will always be very much loved and missed. 💙 The boys have pretty much kept me busy during lockdown. We’ve had all the major developments, weaning and sleep regression so it’s really been all about them but now they ar
  17. Good morning 🌞 And welcome to Twinclub 👋 Congratulations on surviving 8 months with twins 😊😉 How have you found it all??' Im really sorry to hear that about Jesse that must have been such an awful time for you - he will be and is always part of your family story ❤️ Lockdown is pretty infuriating isn't it ! What have you been doing to keep yourself busy ? xx
  18. Hi, I’m Pipa, Mum to twin boys, almost 8 months now. Robin and Finn. I also have a son Jesse who sadly passed away when I was 6 months pregnant(before the twins). finding lockdown life a struggle! Am registered as venerable so can’t escape these four walls 😱😱😱 How is everyone else doing?
  19. Hi, can anyone help I feel like I’m going down a rabbit hole when it comes to weaning! my boys are almost 8 months old and weaning has been a nightmare recently. We started at 6 months and all was going well but last month or so they just seem to hate it! one won’t open his mouth whatsoever! The other does ok. They won’t entertain blw and just push everything off their trays onto the floor. I've just started them on 3 meals a day but I think it’s too much?(all the books seem to say they should be on 3!?!?). I’ve tried to move having their milk after meal times but they aren’t h
  20. Ooh great question 🙂 anything sensory is great - we love filling up lots of "containers" with water and just get stuck in with water play - pouring on everything and everything! do you have a garden? - other outside activities that are fun - bug hunting , painting fences/concrete with water (🤣) Getting a pot and freezing some toys in there (like a giant ice cube with ice inside) good for a hot day , watching ice melt and revealing toys! Making dens inside Having a teddy bear picnic (also eating real food!) creating an obstacle course (in or out) Indoor t
  21. My boys are 2 and have a 3 year old brother. Just looking for any tips on keeping them entertained or any ideas on what I can do with them to limit the boredom meltdowns. thank you xx
  22. Bless you😢 I have been there, and it is really distressing when they cry so long, it's mentally horrendous.(I used to hate it so much too😖😖) I think you know deep down that the cry it out is prob the answer but, I think that at the moment we are all in such a weird time, no certainty and lots of anxiety and worry and my advice would be don't worry about it short term and pick your battles day to day ! They are still so little too. And it may be that they are having a leap or big growth change and this can really make them cry alot and be so clingy!! Xx
  23. Nothing 🙈😫 Picking Rose up is all that works. I know that at some point I have to just let her cry, but I just can't do it. After Daniels first few weeks of uncontrollable crying, I just can't let them cry at all. And if I have to let them cry, I usually end up in tears too.
  24. 🙈🙈 It's hard. Totally sympathise! Does she stop crying if she is distracted by toys or anything that doesn't involve being picked up ? X
  25. I've even tried wrapping her in my t-shirt, she gets so distressed and cried big tears if she's not being held. Currently screaming in the swing while I feed Daniel 😭
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