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  2. Yes the last two years have definitely flown by! Two year olds have their own challenges but they're definitely so much easier than those first few months! Once they start sleeping properly it makes a big difference! I guess you've been able to get plenty of help from friends/family now that restrictions are lifting? I can't imagine how hard it must have been for people with newborn twins during the first few months of lockdown when you weren't allowed to see anyone. It was bad enough for us and ours were 1 at that time.
  3. Hello Holley !! Welcome to the site!! Oooh wow ...I remember the early days, so hard but so rewarding !! Being a twin mum is like nothing I've ever had to do, and you are right no one prepares you!! Mine are now 2 and although it's starting to show signs of getting a bit easier , the challenges are different! What are your boys called? Issy xx
  4. Hi James, Thank you 🙂 I bet the last 2 years has flown by, all I’ve been told is cherish every moment as they are only this age and size once! Nights are hard, but bearable. Waking up to their little faces makes it all so worth it.
  5. Hi Holley and welcome to Twin Club! 😀 Firstly congratulations on the birth of your boys and amazing news that they are back home and healthy! You are right - twin life is super hard. My twins are a bit older now (2 years) but I remember how hard the early days were. The first 3 months were honestly such a blur. How are you finding the nights so far?
  6. Hi, I’m Holley and I am Mummy to 4 week old boys! The last 4 weeks has been a rollercoaster of emotions and one big blur. My boys spent the first 2 weeks of their life in Neonatal Care but are now doing fantastically. No one prepared me on how hard twin life would be, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am from Romsey in Hampshire and would love to speak to other Mummies/Mummies to be in the area! X
  7. Ah ok all making sense now!! 😃 So we initially fitted it to our 2017 NX (but it was the 2017 on model). However, I think the model change was only really a facelift e.g. different lights/bumpers, different screen inside. The car is essentially the same for the most part. When I first spoke to multi mac I believe they said it was a standard fitting kit, but once the multi mac arrived and I tried to fit the thing, it quickly became apparent that I couldn't easily access the rear seat belt buckles/mounting points as they were so far recessed within the seat bench. Speaking again to multi mac they said they had only fitted them into a couple of NX models that they were aware of (at that point in early 2019) and that those ones were fitted at their fitting partners where as I was having a go myself. They also suggested it might need drilling (worst case scenario) which I wasn't too keen on as the car was still under warranty at that point. However, I then ended up getting put through to Kevin who is the founder/owner and he was really helpful at getting it sorted for me. I sent him some pictures of the car and located a potential mount point (in this case the rear seat mounting brackets that I could access from under the boot floor) and Kevin said it would be OK but that I'd need some longer tether straps and slightly different bolts if I recall correctly. He sent those out very quickly and free of charge, even offering worst case scenario that he'd drive down to me (about 3 hours from their HQ) and sort it for me if I couldn't myself - excellent service! Fortunately for him, I was easily able to sort it with the replacement bits - we also needed some of their firm foam pads to sit under the multi mac too by the way (to stop the multi mac pushing down/damaging the seat belt buckles). You can see these in the photo below. We have since moved the multi mac into another newer Lexus NX with no problems (2020 model). Where are you located by the way? If you're not far away I could always show your husband how it's fitted, or give some pointers over the phone if you like? Also, random other question - you're not looking for some roof bars for your car are you? I have some to sell...
  8. We have a Lexus NX too (2014-17 model) which is why your post really intrigued me. Speaking to multimac themselves they told me I'd just need the standard fitting kit but would also need a set of replacement buckles. My husband plans to do the fitting himself so we just want to make sure we have all the right parts before starting...
  9. Have any of you started planning anything for after lockdown yet??? I would LOVE a holiday literally cannot wait!! But just wondering if it's too early to book something yet??
  10. Hey Issy!! One of my two was quite slow to talk and a lot slower than the my other twin - nothing until just after turning 2!! I was a bit worried but thankfully turned out to be OK in the end and now a proper chatterbox!! Have you had the hearing test yet??
  11. Hi @Nikki and welcome to Twin Club! Congratulations on your upcoming new arrivals - when are they due? The additional kit was just some slightly different sized bolts and longer tether straps. Normally you should get everything you need with the seat when it arrives, it's just there was some confusion as to the fitting for my particular car, and so they sent me some additional fittings in order to get it to fit. They were very helpful at getting the problem sorted. On many cars you may be able to attach not to the belts themselves but to the seat belt mounting point. Essentially the tether straps have to be bolted to something solid. What car do you have?
  12. Hi. I'm about to embark on the same journey as you have. You mentioned there was an additional kit sent out to you in order to complete the fit? Can you share what that kit was? Is it safe for me to assume there is no way of attaching these straps to the existing belts?
  13. Hi all, just wondering if anyone has had experience with one of their twins having a speech delay.. My daughter (twin 2) is 22 months and is being her sister with her speech! The health v has referred for a hearing test to rule out any hearing issues. That is next month. She makes alot of different noises and sounds, but she also kind of "talks" Internally. That's the only way I can describe it. It's odd. She has been a little more vocal the last week or two but some words she has said she now doesn't say any more. She has always been the "smaller" twin and I just wonder if it's just .. she's a bit slower because of this ? Any advise welcome ! Thanks 👍
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